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Opposing the AHA Equine Slaughter Endorsement

The “Unwanted Horse Coalition” and the AHA…

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When the motion to endorse the reopening of US horse slaughterhouses was made and approved by the Board of Directors, it came as a complete surprise to the committee members who serve on the AHF’s ‘Arabian Rescue and Rehoming’ group.

Carol Darnell (Chair of Arabian Rescue and Rehoming) on behalf of the committee, issued the following statement:

“We, the members of the Rescue/Rehoming Subcommittee of the Equine Stress, Research and Education Committee of AHA, take serious issue with the recent BOD action in support of equine slaughter.”

“Quite aside from the reality that some of the membership of AHA does support slaughter,” the release continued, “we believe it to be inappropriate for our BOD to take any position whatsoever on such a passionate and divisive issue, especially without polling our membership for consensus or consulting with our two rescue entities within the AHA/AHF complex. We believe it should be the role of a breed promotion organization to support husbandry practices and organizational goals which sustain our horses, rather than endorse practices which enable irresponsible husbandry at the horses’ expense.”

The committee went on to say, “On a practical level, the negative response by much of the Arabian community and the equine community as a whole, along with significant negative press, is damaging to the organization at a time when we can ill-afford such damage, especially when it is self-inflicted.

We, along with many others in the Arabian horse community, are striving to have the BOD revisit and reconsider the action taken.”

The original press release issued to media outlets by the AHA led readers to believe the AHF was involved in the passing of the resolution. The AHF has a separate BOD and was not involved in the discussion and passing of this motion.

Shortly thereafter, in yet another move that defies explanation, the Board of Directors of the AHA made and approved the following motion to join the ‘Unwanted Horse Coalition’:

AUGUST 7-8, 2009
by Debby Cain:
Whereas, The AHA Board of Directors are very concerned about the welfare of all equine
species, and the unanimous position of the AHA Board of Directors is in complete
agreement with the Unwanted Horse Coalition’s mission statement ; and
Whereas, AHA is in complete agreement with the Unwanted Horse Coalition’s mission
statement “to reduce the number of unwanted horses and improve their welfare
through education and the efforts of organizations committed to the health, safety,
responsible care and disposition of horses”; Therefore, Be It
Moved, That AHA closely monitor and share through e-blasts and/or magazine articles
research and information from the Unwanted Horse Coalition and become a
member as soon as it is financially feasible.
Motion Passed Unanimously. (Motion #9-8/8/09-BOD)

The ‘Unwanted Horse Coalition’ is just another pro-slaughter organization operating under the auspices of the American Horse Council that attempts to ‘soften’ their slaughter agenda by disguising themselves as a equine welfare organization.

The fees for an organization to join UHC range from $1000.00 to $5000.00.

In light of their current financial woes, (i.e., Sweepstakes Fund debacle) it would go to reason that if the AHA does, in fact, have $1,000.00+ of ‘discretionary’ funds to spend on equine welfare causes, the obvious choice should have been its own ‘Arabian Rescue and Rehoming’ group.

Given that, one can safely assume the BoD has made the decision to join the ‘Unwanted Horse Coalition’ in an attempt to window-dress their recent ill-advised motion to endorse the re-opening of US slaughter plants.

On November 17th, 2009, the Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC) announced their newest member, The Arabian Horse Association (AHA). This brought the UHC member count to thirty.
“The Arabian Horse Association is a wonderful addition to our list of members,” said UHC Chairman Dr. Tom Lenz. “Arabians are involved in all aspects of the horse world, racing showing, recreation and can therefore have are an important effect. We are excited to welcome them to the increasing list of members of the UHC and look forward to working with them on promoting the goals and mission of the Coalition.”



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