Arabian Horse Association Mission Supporters

Opposing the AHA Equine Slaughter Endorsement


The AHA Mission Statement Defined

A Mission statement provides both purpose and clarity. Without purpose, there is no reason for the organization to exist. And without clarity, the group may lose focus of crucial objectives. The statement helps make organizational decisions easier by always keeping the aim, intent, and goals in mind. If an organization loses focus on the mission it becomes ineffective and fails.

If there is ever a question whether an organization should choose a particular course of action, look back on the Mission statement and see if the proposal is consistent with it. Motion#16-5/16/09-BOD, supporting the re-establishment of U.S. equine slaughter facilities, is inconsistent with the AHA Mission.

The Mission of the Arabian Horse Association is to:

Promote growth in the interest in, and demand for the Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horse
Registration increases a horse’s value, makes it more marketable and opens the door to many local, regional and national activities available to registered horses.

The AHA continually develops and maintains value-based, growth-oriented programs that add value to registered Arabian horses and create demand for Arabian horse ownership, these include activities prize money and incentive programs, achievement, and recognition awards for a variety of disciplines.

As a market-driven organization, AHA seeks to ensure that programs, services and promotional activities are based on market demands and opportunities. As a full-service breed association, AHA seeks to meet the breeding, competitive and recreational interests of all Arabian horse owners.
• Identify market opportunities and develop effective marketing and promotional strategies designed to maintain a healthy and vibrant Arabian horse community that encourages Arabian horse ownership and participation.
• Increase the numbers of Arabian horses and owners, thus increasing the breed’s market share within the horse industry.

Promote preservation of the integrity of the breed.
For nearly 100 years, the AHA has been the official breed registry for the Arabian horse. A Certificate of Registration proves the authenticity of each registered horse. As the official breed registry for the Arabian horse industry, the AHA Registry has registered more than 1 million Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses since its founding in 1908, ensuring the integrity and perpetuation of the breed.

Promote increased participation in activities involving the Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horse.
The Arabian Horse Association offers many opportunities to compete, earn recognition and win prize money:
• more than 450 approved All-Arabian shows per year plus regional and national events
• regional and national endurance and competitive trail rides from coast to coast
• recognition through Achievement, Recreational Rider, Dressage Rider and Distance Awards
• programs sponsored by AHA offer prize money in distance riding and the show ring through AHA’s Breeders Sweepstakes program – more than $1 million is paid out every year to participants with Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses
• halter and performance futurity programs for yearlings and three-year-olds

Promote recognition by the equine industry and general public about the value and attributes of the Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horse.
Promotional activities, events and public relations efforts raise the level of knowledge, interest and desire for Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses both within the horse industry and with the public at large. Throughout all communications, the AHA seeks to improve the public perception of the breed and the community by dispelling misconceptions and creating positive associations with the breed.

Historically the Arabian has maintained a reputation as the horse of beauty, intelligence, courage, endurance, and romance. Although the most beautiful of all riding breeds, the Arabian is not just a pretty horse. He is an all-around family horse, show horse, competitive sport horse, and work horse. The high intelligence, trainability, gentle disposition and stamina of the Arabian enable it to excel at a wide variety of activities popular today. Arabians are excellent on the trail as well as in the show ring. Arabians are shown in English and western pleasure, cutting and reining, jumping and dressage at both all-Arabian events and open breed shows. As an endurance horse, the Arabian has no equal.

With today’s prices comparable with other popular breeds, excellent Arabian horses are now accessible to a broad base of horse enthusiasts. And, with more living Arabian horses in the United States than in all the other countries in the world combined, America has some of the best horses and breeding farms from which to choose

Ensure services and benefits that are valuable and convenient for the AHA members.
The AHA Registry is the official registry for purebred Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses. An online service ( is available through AHA for full pedigree and progeny research.

AHA offers over 400 events and competitions and the largest online marketplace and community forums on the web, bringing people together to share the joys of Arabian horse ownership. Membership in the AHA provides access to registration, programs, competitions and other services.

Multiple levels of membership are available depending on your level of involvement, from recreational riding programs to national championship competitions. Membership benefits include access to AHA clubs, competitions, award programs, annual convention, and special online services. Prize money programs, achievement and recognition awards, incentive riding programs, farm visitor program and a mentor network are other activities and programs available to members of AHA.

Advertising in the Association’s official publication, Modern Arabian Horse Magazine, is an excellent way to promote horses and gain visibility to the entire membership of AHA. It is the premier marketplace for buying and selling Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses.

AHA promotional materials & publications provide members with information on the Arabian breed, its history and how to get involved in the Arabian horse community. Affiliate home study courses, a judges and exhibitors school, and information about horsemanship, horse care, plus scholarships for deserving youth are available.

Association merchandise and official licensed products.

Corporate partners offer discounts and special pricing to AHA members

Based on the directives of the Mission statement, it is not appropriate for the Arabian Horse Association to take any official position on the re-establishment of equine slaughter facilities in the U.S. It does nothing to promote the breed. There is no benefit for the organization and projects a conflicting public image of the association. The negative response to this motion by the equine community, along with significant unflattering press, is damaging to the organization and does not serve to promote the Arabian horse.

Whatever we do for, with, or upon a horse, as well as where and how we do it affects the breed in seamlessly interconnected ways. The endorsement of equine slaughter says that we have little regard for the animals that we chose to bring into this world, and for the ancient breed that we treasure.

Send the positive message that our horses have individual worth and value. Send the positive message that this Association exists to find innovative ways to encourage responsible breeding where every foal is valued, and to lead the way in the industry by continuing to provide programs and services that promote and encourage ownership and the long-term enjoyment of our horses.

Arabian Horse Association Constitution Article 303 Ethical Considerations states, “In every situation, the welfare of the breed shall be paramount over all considerations. The best interests of the Arabian Horse must be the criterion in all transactions”.

Is slaughter truly in the best interest of the breed, this magnificent animal entrusted to our care?

Rescind motion#16-5/16/09-BOD.