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Opposing the AHA Equine Slaughter Endorsement

A Resolution to Rescind…


In August, a resolution to rescind last year’s motion endorsing the reopening of US horse slaughter facilities was submitted (sponsored by the A Blackhorse AHA club) to the AHA Resolution and Review Committee for consideration.  Approval by this committee is required in order for a resolution to get to Convention, where it will be voted on.  After several changes, the final resolution was agreed upon and will be presented at next month’s AHA Convention in Orlando, Fl.  (November 17th – 21st, 2010)

We would like AHA members to contact their local club delegates and urge them to support this resolution – the delegates will approve or reject this based on their votes.

The endorsement of equine slaughter says that we have little regard for the animals that we chose to bring into this world, and for the ancient breed that we treasure.

Send the positive message that our horses have individual worth and value. Send the positive message that this Association exists to find innovative ways to encourage responsible breeding where every foal is valued, and to lead the way in the industry by continuing to provide programs and services that promote and encourage ownership and the long-term enjoyment of our horses.

A copy of the resolution (#43) can be found here:


7 thoughts on “A Resolution to Rescind…

  1. As a caretaker of Arabian and other horses for at least 45 years I cannot imagine any compassionate horse owner sending a horse to slaughter. Slaughter is in no way euthanasia–look the 2 words up. Horses are sensitive and intelligent and when the time comes we owe them a kind death . Slaughter for a few dollars only rewards greedy and uncaring owners.
    Please urge the passage of the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act , H.R. 503/S. 727., now by our senators and Reps. in D.C. Call the switchboard ay 1-202-224-3121.
    Also call President Obama at 1-202-4561111 and tell him to stop all the roundups of our wild horses. They are being wiped out. Visit and for facts–not BLM propaganda.

  2. I absolutely concur with this motion to rescind! As an ‘owner’ of a part Arabian (National Show Horse) mare I consider AHA’s ‘official’ position endorsing commercial equine slaughter to be disgraceful as well as unacceptable and likely NOT representative of the feelings of the majority of it’s members and ‘keepers’ of pure and part-bred Arabians. As long as such a position exists I will NOT consider membership in such an organization nor support such unenlightened positions.

    ~”I believe that equines are wondrous beings and it has fallen upon us to protect them from the cruel, the heartless, the greedy, and the ignorant among our kind who cannot see the masterpiece of Spirit that they are. I know that many feel as I do, and my spirit flies to the slaughter pens and stands with those equines that wait there for their cruel and unjust fates.” – Author Unknown~

  3. How can a body such as yourselves condone slaughtering. I think this body should be replaced by those that understand the meaning of a horse/human relationship. That relationship should be respect, care, responsibility – not dumping animals for consumption once you’ve finished exploiting them.

  4. Perhaps these people should be replaced. They clearly don’t understand the concept of a horse/human bond. The true bond requires love and responsibility, not dumping a horse when you are finished exploiting it.

  5. Come see what the Fawor Foundation is doing to help Arabians out. Our most recent blog post features and urgent call to AHA members on this subject! The Fawor Foundation treasures it’s Arabians horses!

    p.s. visit us on facebook too! Let’s put the word out, no need to throw away perfectly AWESOME Arabians!

  6. I am totally opposed to slaughter. I and many other Illinoisians took part and made
    many trips to the state capital. I personally contacted every Senator and Represenative.
    There have been attempts to reopen a slaughter facility in Illinois. The people of Illinois
    have spoken through their Legislatures. I took the time to research many of these
    issues, while most people don’t. It is a SAD DAY when the Board of Directors of the
    Arabian Horse Association take such a stand without the knowledge of all their members. I was appaulled! My friends always wanted me to own an Arabian horse and
    always tried to ‘”convert” me so to speak. When my Appaloosa died at 32, the opportunity arose to purchase a beautiful Arabian gelding. His owner could not care
    for him. He was probably a day away from the “Killer” buyer when I finally purchased
    him. I could go on about how we came together. I have owned three other horses
    in the 30 plus years that I have owned horses. And I can honestly tell you, the Arabian
    breed of horse is like no other. This breed is the foundation of so many other breeds,
    why would they support slaughter? It is beyond me…I told my Nicholas that he will
    never feel pain at the hand of a human again. Padron’s Allante had all the characteristics
    of a top ten show horse. However, we remain together as one. I SUPPORT THE
    with the breed statement. What would have happened if some of the foundation
    Arabians were allowed to be sent to slaughter? Haven’t we learned anything from
    the Bedouins who cherished their horses?


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