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Opposing the AHA Equine Slaughter Endorsement

A last-minute ‘Hail Mary’ pass by the Board of Directors prevents humiliating defeat at Convention


Apologies for the delay in updating the news from AHA regarding the efforts to overturn the Board’s slaughter endorsement.  It was requested that we not discuss the details of the ‘technicality’ that led to the withdrawal of the Resolution to Rescind at last November’s convention until the Board had an opportunity to meet in April of this year. Based on the outcome of the April Board of Director’s meeting, any informal confidentiality agreement we had is no longer valid.  The following is a brief run-down of the events from last November’s convention:

In November, 2010, a resolution to rescind the Board’s endorsement of reestablishing US horse slaughter was brought to the convention to be voted on by the delegates.

After a resolution has been accepted, it is assigned to separate committees for their review and recommendations before going to the floor for a final vote by the delegates.

The resolution to rescind was assigned to two committees;  “Equine Stress and Research” and the Board of Directors.  While the committee for Equine Stress and Research voted to recommend approval of the resolution to rescind, not surprisingly the Board of Directors took umbrage and were vehemently opposed to this resolution — they argued that rescinding a Board Motion would ‘set a bad precedent’ and could potentially affect their ability to ‘respond quickly’ in future urgent situations. (?)    Worried that there would be overwhelming support by the delegates for the resolution to rescind, the Board members wanted desperately to save face. Clearly, a resolution originally asked for by President Lance Walters and unanimously approved by the Board members, being rescinded by the majority of delegates would be a humiliating defeat.  Using a last-ditch attempt to prevent the resolution from going to the floor, they decided that the original resolution was a merely a “directive” given to the AHA President, Lance Walters. Therefore since the “directive” was never carried out, (the endorsement was never presented to the American Horse Council) it could not be ‘rescinded.’  It was recommended and agreed to by the club delegate that the resolution would be withdrawn on this ‘technicality.’  The sport of football has seldom seen a better Hail Mary pass.



2 thoughts on “A last-minute ‘Hail Mary’ pass by the Board of Directors prevents humiliating defeat at Convention

  1. Hopefully the ones who are pro-slaughter will be voted off the Board.

  2. Good lord. AHA is such a joke because of these asshats running the show.

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