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Opposing the AHA Equine Slaughter Endorsement

Which begs the question…

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In 2009, the Board of Directors, at Lance Walters request, approved a motion that gave him a “directive” to present the AHA as officially ‘on the record’ in support of the reestablishment of US horse slaughter plants at the upcoming American Horse Council meeting.

At the AHC meeting, the discussion of horse slaughter was not on the agenda, and Lance was unable to state an official position on behalf of the AHA.

After the Board members insisted their original slaughter endorsement could not be rescinded due it being a “directive” that was never carried out, why is the AHA still defending its pro-slaughter position?

Unless the “directive” argument was merely a red-herring, the AHA, based on the reasons given to withdraw the resolution, currently hold no official position regarding slaughter (which is as it should be) just as it was prior to the 2009 Board meeting.



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